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About Us

See a taster of what we promise our people for their hard work, as well as the behaviours we all live by, an idea of our scale and feel for what Yodel is about.


About Us

Yodel deliver millions of parcels a year, across almost 60 sites, to every UK postcode. From fashion, health, home and garden, to electrical, gifts, entertainment and industry, our clients rely on us to deliver promises, as well as parcels. Our unique, award-winning shopper survey programme helps make sure of that, alongside our talented people.

We’ve also invested in reducing our carbon footprint through things like double-decker trailers, eco-start Mercedes vans, low consumption sorting equipment and recycling 50% of waste – even resulting in accreditation for our environmental management system.

All in all, there is more to Yodel than you might think. Explore more to find out.