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Yodel - Uber Courier Opportunities

Driving as a Courier for Yodel promises freedom. You’ll plan your route, get out on the open road and decide how much you deliver – and earn.


Yodel - Uber Courier Opportunities

Recent changes to the public’s lifestyle has impacted some careers. At Yodel we’re delighted to partner with Uber to offer all Uber Partner Drivers the opportunity to deliver for Yodel as Self-Employed Couriers.

 “We’re pleased to be a part of this opportunity to assist drivers in accessing work. Whilst giving drivers the flexibility to provide services to different partners offers new earning opportunities, it also supports our agile approach to delivery. We look forward to working with Uber on this important initiative.”

Carl Moore, Chief Operations Officer at Yodel. 

To be a Self-Employed Courier, delivering promises, not just parcels, you don’t need delivery experience or livery on your vehicle. You just need to deliver parcels safely, with a smile, have good organisational skills, confidence behind the wheel and your own car. Everything an Uber Partner Driver possesses. As a Self-Employed Courier, you’ll play a huge role in allowing our clients reach their customers during this difficult time.

As a driving force of Yodel, we will support you from day one to ensure you’re ready to deliver your best. You can then start your engine and enjoy the great feeling that comes from making a difference to the people in your local area.

All you need to apply for the role is a car and an Android or iOS smartphone that meets our minimum* specification. If your device does not meet this specification, we may still be able to offer you an opportunity, however, those able to bring their own device will take preference over those without.

*Operating with Android 6 or iOS 13, with storage of at least 100Mb free, GPS, 5MP+ camera with flash/ torch, 3G/4G SiM, 2GB+ memory.

As part of this partnership you can use your Uber Achievements Summary as a reference to help expedite your application process. You can access and download your Achievement Summary from Uber here
  • Great Earning Potential

    You’ll get out what you put in, because how much you earn is up to you. Typically, you could deliver around 30-120 parcels a day, 3-6 days a week, and get paid for each parcel that you deliver or collect.

  • Regular Offer of Work

    We deliver parcels on behalf of the biggest retail companies around, which offers the prestige of driving for major brands – and no shortage of deliveries if you want them.

  • Support On Hand

    Whilst being self-employed means handling things like taxes, we can link you with all sorts of experts for support, and a dedicated site rep for any questions.

  • Total Freedom

    You’ll need your own mobile device to download our great Courier App, the App will help you organise your route and track your workload – all in your own vehicle.

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Driver Stories

Watch Andy’s video to find out what it’s like to be a Self-Employed Courier with Yodel.