Customer Experience

We’re the country’s leading independent parcel carrier. We handle more parcels than any other independent B2B and B2C service provider around, covering every postcode in the UK. And we’re still growing. What’s the secret to our success? It’s customer experience. It’s making sure our clients are as happy as their customers are.

That’s what everything we do is geared towards.

Our team is made up of account directors, account managers and key account directors, and it’s their job to look after the existing Yodel client base – managing commercial positions, relationships and multi-million pound budgets.

While it’s a client base that‘s growing all the time, we’ll never build our business without knowing we can still service our existing clients. And that’s our challenge – working out how to maintain those relationships and ensure that a high level of service is always there as we continue to grow and add to our portfolio.

It’s no small feat, but it’s a challenge our customer experience team thrive upon!

We’re looking for people to join us with our same willingness to achieve attitude. People who like to look forwards and not behind. It’s always beneficial to have some industry experience too – but that isn’t essential. It just means you know the competition and know the market, which is always a big advantage.

But whatever your background, you’ll get a lot of support here – the support to go as far as you aspire to go.

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