Information Technology

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Our experts in IT oversee our entire network and infrastructure – both in support services and out in the field too. They’re behind the software and systems that allow us to do the very best job we can and keep track of every parcel we ever collect, sort and deliver. If you’re prepared to bring fresh thinking to the table and play your part in a constantly evolving IT function, then this is the team for you.

Here, you’ll find everything from system analysts who look at requests and work out how to implement them, to delivery managers who take charge of day-to-day issues – so if a system goes down, it’s their job to step in and fix it.

Then there’s our team of developers who help us to follow parcels end-to-end. Ask them where any parcel is – any time day or night – and they’ll pinpoint it in a matter of seconds. It’s quite amazing.

And then, crucially, there are our business change managers, who are dedicated to making things better, slicker and more efficient. That’s a continuous process. It never stops. There are new projects, new demand requests and new opportunities all the time, which means you’ll be exposed to a lot, far sooner than you might be anywhere else. That’s what we love about IT here at Yodel. That, and the fact it’s a close-knit team in an open environment where you can literally ask anybody anything.

There are a lot of opportunities for development and learning too. Whatever level you’re at, we always encourage our team to keep on learning and making progress.

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